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theresa thomas

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Ithaca Rebellious
Weird Conical heap of stones
Hecatombs King of the gods
Athena Small, dark sea birds
Libations Made a hole in
Pinioned Home of the gods
Muse Arrogant
Helios Any one of the nine goddesses
Poseidon Odysseus' men
Contrived Dark region under the Earth
Zues Took goods by force
Squall Located on the chest
Petrels Thought up, devised
Troy A race of giants with one eye
Lee City in northwest Asia Minor
Kids Lagre, violent whirlpool
Divers God of music
Plundered Several
Cyclopes Fate
Persephone Wife of Hades
Bored Armor for the upper body
Cronus Offering to a god
Talents Wise
Olympus Liquids poured on the ground for sacrifice
Kine Sudden thought
Hermes Very hard work
Pectoral Area shelterd from wind
Offing Food, other provisions
Travail God of the sea
Victuals Sun god
Agamemnon Hungry consuming mouth
Cairn Titan ruler of the universe
Haughty Distant part of the sea
Gorge Young goats
Maelstrom messenger of the gods
Cutter Tree trunk
Lampetia Continuous noise
Oblation Island off the west coast of Greece
Mutinous Large-scale sacrifices
Prodigious Fulfillment of a vow
Votive Violent storm
Whim King that led the greek army in the Trojan War
Erebus unit of money in accient Greece
Bole Confined
Sage Goddess of wisdom
Apollo Enormous
Achaeans Cattle
Din A nymph
Guile Small, swift ship or boat
Cuirass Craftiness, cunning

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