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Roman Gods/Godesses

Joe Robberstad

No description

Venus Goddess of wealth and plenty.
Vulcan what this puzzles about
Neptune Corn Goddess. Eternal Mother. the Sorrowing Mother. Grain Mother
Abudantia Queen of the Gods.
Ceres God of the sky.
Rome Goddess of Wisdom, Learning, the Arts, Sciences, Medicine, Dyeing, Trade
Copia Fertility Goddess. Moon Goddess. Huntress Goddess.
Apollo Neptune
Abeona Goddess who guides children back home.
Mars God of war, spring, growth in nature, agriculture, terror, anger, revenge, courage and fertility.
Adeona Goddess of silence.
Minerva Goddess of thresholds and door hinges.
Muta a Goddess of Gardens and Vinyards,
Diana God of Trade, Profit, Merchants and Travellers.
Cardea Protector of children leaving the home.
Jupiter Ruler of the Gods. He is the god of Sky, Lightning and Thunder.
Juventas God of Fire, Blacksmiths and Craftsmanship
Coelus Goddess of youth.
Vesta Goddess of luck, abundance and prosperity.
Juno Goddess of the Fire
Disciplina Goddess of discipline.
Mercury Apollo is the son of Jupiter and Leto, and the twin brother of Diana

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