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The Trojan War

Benard Evslin

No description

Hestia the brother of Zeus
fifty the lovliest maiden of Troy
Patroclus what Poseidon's castle is made out of
Hector Hector's sister
Hades what Hera's chariot is drawn by
Chryseis brother of Paris
Zeus the mountain north of Troy
Oceanus the number of ships at Aluis
eagles Zeus and Hera's uncle
Diomedes Zeus's favorite daughter
Thetis Paris and Hector's father
Paris king of the gods
three Cressida's father
Pandarus the judge Zeus picked
forty nine godess of the hearth
coral the peak Zeus was on
Gargus Athena's brother
Aphrodite what Hera wants from Aphrodite
one thousand son of Poseidon
Achillies godess of love
Hephaestus the ruler of the underworld
Clytemnestra the son god
bronze the son of Tydeus
Cressida how many sisters Paris had
Hera the smith god
Apollo the trojan leader Athena whispered to
girdle what Pair's spear is made out of
Athena Thetis's son
Priam who the war is against
Mount Ida how many brothers Paris had
Troy Hector's wife
Poseidon how many times Poseidon struck his trident
Andromache daughter of the sea
Mount Olympus Achilles's beloved friend
Cycnus queen of the gods
Helen where Zeus's bronze castle is
Ares who Cassandra was killed by

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