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RDT 121 Unit 2 second half

carina light, spongy parenchymal tissue
bronchioles four divisions; pharynx, trachea, bronchial tree, lungs
liver surface that primary bronchi enters the lungs
ribs rounded part of lungs
alveolarsacs posterior, nasal passages; superior, uvula
horizontal several subdividions that form the tree
primary cartilage rings in the trachea to give extra strength
trachea bronchioles leads to extremely fine tubules
alveolarducts fissure divides lungs into inferior and superior lobes
domelike bronchi thats shorter, broader, and more vertical
three final elongated structure of a segment of the trachea tube, breaks into the bronchical tree
inspiration "windpipe", muscular tube, 16-20 C-shaped rings
bonythorax lungs move superiorly and medially
bronchi supports walls of pleural cavity and the diaphragm, protects the heart and lungs
nasopharynx extends from uvula to the hyoid bone
cardiacnotch the end of the alveolar ducts
terminal expiration moves diaphragm to be relaxed, rising, and also becomes
flattens concave depression, pulmonary vessels enter and exit here
lungs first divisons are the ____bronchi
costophrenicangles lungs move inferiorly and laterally
oropharynx formed by sternum and ____
two bronchi divides into
oblique sits below the right lung
pharynx terminal bronchioles leads to even smaller tubes
respiratory inspiration from bases of the lungs move deeply into recesses
hyaline primary bronchi branches into
mediastinal common passageway for digestive and respiratory
secondary left lung has a depression for heart
expiration broad part of lungs that rests on diaphragm
apex fissure on right lung, creates right middle lobe
base structure on left lung, between heart, and chest wall
hilum left lung has ___lobes
lingula inspiration moves diaphragm inferiorly and _____
right right lung has ___lobes

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