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Danielle Fisk

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allergies What is the most common form of arthritis
age Allergy attacks are usually brought on by _____.
panting Rheumatoid arthritis can happen at any _____,
immunesystem The body's own _____attacks healthy joint tissue.
mucus What is bad for people with asthma?
joints What type of arthritis attacks its own immune system?
airways Rheumatoid arthritis ______ the joint lining or synovium.
osteoarthritis Asthma affects the ______ to the lungs.
rheumatoid ______ is the most common risk factor of osteoarthritis
inflames People with asthma use this.
age When an asthma attack happens, the air tube begins to fill with _____.
inhaler What does the Greek word asthma mean?
genetic ______ factors play a role in rheumatoid arthritis.
airpollution Arthritis affects the _____.

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