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Brain, Endocrine and Reproductive Systems

Jennifer Hubert

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ovulation main relay center it the brain directing info from the spinal cord to the correct part of the brain
thyroxine part of the central nervous system where sensory nerves meet morot nerves
spinal cord number of months when the sex of a baby can be determined
vagine where sperm are deposited during intercourse
two come off a nerve cell body, they connect to other nerves
abstinence fertilization occurs here
synapse part of brain that controls homeostasis like temp and water
pineal type of nerve that brings information TO the brain
fallopian tubes used my males to stop sperm from entering the vagina
sensory connects the two sides of the brain together
adrenaline the end of a nerve releases this to trigger another chemical release in the next nerve
five if you're right handed, this side of your brain in most dominant
cervix in the testes, where sperm mature
vas deferens time it takes for a testes to make 1,000 sperm
involuntary tube in male that brings sperm back into the body before ejaculation
hypothalamus autonomic motor nerves are ____________, you can't control them
third length of time it takes a fertilzed egg to reach the uterus
neurotransmitter the axon of a nerve is coated with this to insulate the nerve
cerebrum the space between two nerves near each other
thalamus hormone released by thyroid gland
mylein week ____ of the menstrual cycle the girl has a period
one stores eggs in a female
corpus callosum this is an involuntary motion caused by hitting a sensory nerve which goes to the spinal cord and sets off an involuntary motor nerve, example is a knee jerk
condom number of weeks for an egg to mature
dendrites birth control pills stop this from occurring
glucagon gland that releases melatonin
reflex hormone released by pancreas to release stored suger from the liver and put it into the bloodstream, works opposite of insulin
ovaries gland that released growth hormone
second part of brain to help us walk straight
cerebellum part of brain used when making a decision
left only 100% effecive form of birth control
seminal vesicles a heartbeat is present at the _____ week of pregnancy
week puts water and nutrients into the sperm to make semen
pituitary opening to the uterus
epididymus "fear" hormone released by adrenal glands

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