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Bones of the Head, Face and Neck

Waka Stone

Anatomy and Physiology

hyoid largest and strongest bone of the face
metacarpus forms the bridge of the nose
humerus breastbone
sphenoid bone that suuports the tongue
palatine joins the bones of the cranium
thorax bones that form the sides and crown of the crainium
malarbones connection between two or more bones
lacrimal bones of the fingers (14)
ribs chest bones
sternum oval,bony case that protects the brain
parietal forms the hard palate of the mouth
joint fingers
digits small tin bones that supports tear ducts
maxillae another name for the cheek bones
clavical cheek bones
cranium inner and larger bone of the forearm
occipital bones of the palm
nasal study of the bones
radius wrist ; 8 flexible guilding bones
frontal forms part of the nasal septum
zygomatic smaller bone of the forearm
carpus collar bone
ethmoid shouleder blade
facialbones large bone of the upper arm
mandible 12 pairs of bones in the chest
scapula bone that forms the back of the skull
osteology bone of the cranium between the eyes
cervical vertebraes in the neck region
ulna bone that forms the forehead
phalanges bones that form the sides of the head
vomer 14 bones of the face
temporal upper jaw bones

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