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bowel elimination


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inspection surgically formed opening from the inside of an organ to the outside
esophagogastroduodenoscopy intense with increased frequency bowel sounds. maybe caused by diarrhea, gastroenteritis, or early bowel obstruction.
salineosmotic observing the contour of the abdomen, noting any masses,scars,or areas of distention.
distubedbodyimage allows liquid fecal content from the ileum of the small intestine to be eliminated through the stoma
antibiotics drug that drugs water into intestine and stimulates peristalsis. is used when rapid cleansing desire.
colonoscopy inability of the anal sphincter to control the discharge of fecal and gaseous material.cause is usually an organic disease, resulting either in a mechanical condition that hinders the proper functioning of the anal sphincter or an impairment in the nerve supply to the anal sphincter.
hypoactive the process of bowel elimination. the rectum is empty except immediately before and during this process.
bariumenema inserted to decompress or drain the stomach of fluid or unwanted stomach contents such as poison or medication and air, and when conditions are present in which peristalsis is absent. conditions needing this are: paralytic ileus and intestinal obstruction by tumor or hernia.
endoscopy agent detergent activity that allow water and fat to penetrate and lubricate the stool. recommended for those who must avoid straining
gasproducingfoods diarrhea is seen in 10% to 25% of patients treated with this medication.
laxativefoods contractions of circular and longitudinal muscles of the intestine. occurs every 3 to 12 minutes, moving waste products along the length of the intestine continuously.
stoolsoftener cause white stool
bowelfrequency is the introduction of a solution into the large intestine, usually to remove feces.
anticoagulant during removal of a fecal impaction, this could occur because of vagal stimulation
auscultation may cause stool to appear pink to red to black
lubricant the rationale for discouraging the use of rectal indwelling catheters.
peristalsis visual examination of the esophagus, stomach, and the duodenum
suppository conical or oval solid substance shaped for easy insertion into a body cavity and designed to melt at body temp.
rectalnecrosis deminished rate of bowel sounds. indicate deminshed bowel motility
anitacids stool may appear black
occultblood onions,cabbage,beans,cauliflower
sigmoidoscopy direct manipulation of the bowel during abdominal surgery inhibits peristalsis causing this condition.
valsalvamaneuver certain fruits and vegitables,bran, chocolate, spicy foods, alcohol, coffee
cathartics should be done before and upper gastrointestinal series because it may cloud the colon
kneechestposition technique of bearing down. may be contraindicated in people with cardiovascular problems and other illnesses.
hemorrhoids visual examination of the large intestine from the anus to the ileocecal valve
defecation this is performed before palpation because palpation may disturb normal peristalsis and bowel motility
laxatives prolonged retention or an accumulation of fecal material that forms a hardened mass in the rectum.often prevents the passage of normal stool. small amounts of fluid may pass around the impacted mass. fecal seepage.
stimulant processed cheese,lean meat, eggs, pasta.
enema permits formed feces in the colon to exit through the stoma.
bowelincontinence common nursing diagnosis for the patient with an ileostomy
constipatingfoods may cause green-gray color related to impaired digestion
ironsalt blood that is hidden in the specimen or cannot be seen on gross examination
ostomy drug that induce emptying of the intestinal tract. most abused. should not be taken when there is abdominal pain bc an intestinal pathologic condition could be harmed by the increased peristalsis.
fecalempaction visual examination of the sigmoid colon, the rectum, and the anal canal.
boweltrainingprogram part of the ostomy that is attached to the skin, is formed by suturing the mucosa to the skin.
paralyticileus absorbed from intestinal tract and softens stool, making it easier to pass. usually affective within 8 hours
colostomy purpose is to manipulate factors within the persons control (food and fluid intake, exercise, time for defecation) to produce the elimination of a soft, formed stool at regular intervals without a laxative
amoxicillin drugs that induce emptying of the intestinal tract.exert a stronger effect on the intestines that do laxatives.
bulkforminglaxative psyllium,grain, or synthetic prduct that causes stool to absorb water and swell,thus stimulating perstalsis. usually acts within 24 hours.
nasogastrictube may range from 5 to 34 sounds per minute
stoma drug promotes perstalsis by irritating the intestinal mucosa or stimulating nerve endings in intestinal wall. works more quickly than bulkin agent
hyperactive should be placed in this position when experiencing flatulence
bradycardia the direct visual examination of body organs or cavities
ileostomy veins become abnormally distended

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