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Breast Cancer

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twenty Involves removing a sample of tissue to determine whether it is concerous or benign
matastasize The age when a women should do monthly breast exams
biopsy Refers to surgical removal of a concerous lump along with a small amount of surrounding normal breast tissue
forty Pink area surrounding the nipple
earlydetection At what age should a woman start having mammograms
areola The breast contains the greatest concentrations of these
percutaneous Complete removal of the affected breast
Lumpectomy Most common breast cancer drug
mammography Through the skin
cyst Meaning to spread
lobularcarcinoma Cancer that originates in a milk- producing lobule of the breast
ductalcarcinoma Seconding leading cause of cancer
radiationtherapy First place breast cancer usually spreads to
mastectomy Type of treatment used alone or with a lumpectomy or masectomy to treat breast cancer
BreastCancer BSE stands for
Breastselfexamination Uses high-energy rays to stop breast cancer cells from growing and dividing
chemotherapy Round, fluid-filled pocket in the breast
Lymphaticvessels The most important strategy
Tamoxifen Screening that has detected about 85% of breast cancers
axillarynodes Cancer that starts in one of the milk ducts

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