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Broken Ankle Puzzle


Broken ankle things.

drive time to see dr, os, pt
hospital the surgeon
barefoot broken around the bone
fractures the first one was the best
blog plaster or fiberglass
hardware what you do in a car
staples cut
ambulance put above the heart
crack how we count
syndesmotic owwwww
walker we all broke it
compound rub this on your foot
surgeon the exercise person
crutches self propelled device
fwb inner leg bone
bruises no weight
toes take for pain
ice thread skin closer
scar naked foot
rom outer leg bone
flexion you might go here
elevation where we went for treatment
remove bone breaks the skin
comminuted what we all want to do
os some weight
incision where we vent
lotion wheel or non-wheeled device
nwb what we might have heard
medication swelling
fatigued screws hold these
flaky smell
pilon long screw sometimes removed
plates digits
cast black with velcro device
stench out of place
stiches high energy break
oblique skin after cast removal
dislocation up or down movement
wheelchair plates and screws
darthboot what we want to wear
fibula amount you can move
shoes the person who operated
pain what we rode in
physo hard water
shower broken in many pieces
edema gray plastic device
arthritis purple fading to nothing
cane take off
spiral breaks
heal stick
hairy get better
pwb left after cut is healed
pt shave it
walk bone pictures
moonboot break at an angle
weeks all your weight
tibia this ache might develop
xrays two sticks
ankle tired
appointments metal skin closer

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