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Chris Beltzner

About caffeine

withdrawal caffeine is __________
decrease caffeine can give sleep ________
anxiety vivarin is a _______ ____
blood presure most common mood-altering drug
calcium common effect of caffeine
depression caffeine intake can cause what is called the "______"
stop caffeine can cause ________
caffeine pill another common effect of caffeine
sleep a caffeine withdrawal symptom
zero a way to cut back on caffeine is to slowly _______ the amount you consume
headache a non-cafeinated way to get energy
caffeine caffeine can cause ________
fatigue caffeine addiction is sometimes caused to escape caffeine ___________ symtoms
problems another common effect of caffeine(two words)
happiness 7-up contains ____ mg of caffeine(very low amount)
jitters caffeine ____________ you
addictive caffeine can icrease what?
difficulty concentrating another common effect of caffeine
nervousness it is bad to ____ consuming caffeine
dehydrates caffeine can cause loss of ______ and potassium

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