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Cancer Medicine (Oncology)

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malignant Replication of cells
cancer Treatment of tumors using radiation
carcinogens Having the ability to enter and destroy surrounding tissue
palliative Noncancerous tumor
protocol Evaluating the degree of maturity of tumor cells
sarcoma Detailed plan for treatment of an illness
chemotherapy Cancerous tumor derived from connective or flesh tissue
radiotherapy Cancerous tumor made up of cells of epithelial origin
mutation Return of symptoms of disease
relapse Spread of a malignant tumor to a secondary site
neoplasm New growth; benign or malignant tumors
benign Change in the genetic material (DNA) of a cell
invasive Agents that cause cancer; chemicals, drugs, radiation, and viruses
metastasis Treatment with drugs
carcinoma Chemical substances that inhibit the growth of cells
grading Containing dead tissue
mitosis Invasive tumor
remission Disease caused by abnormal and excessive growth of cells in the body
antibiotics Partial or complete disappearance of symptoms of disease
necrotic Relieving but not curing symptoms

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