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Cardiac Emergencies


Words describing heart attack and cardiac emergency conditions

exercise combined with compressions for CPR
riskfactors having to do with the heart
atherosclerosis death of heart muscle
heartattack most prominent signal of heart attack
compressions beat felt in the arteries
cpr one who performs CPR
blood to strengthen the heart
vitalsigns build up of material on the inner walls of arteries
heart fatty substance made by the body
blockage risk factor for heart attack vistims
cholesterol blood vessels with oxygen-rich blood
EMS type of diet to help you live well
rescuer pulse, breathing rate, skin charateristics
inhale chest pushes during CPR
coronary narrowing of arteries
healthy cardiopulmonary resuscitation
breaths organ that pumps blood
arteries largest artery in the body
smoking behaviors that increase a persons chance of getting a disease
aorta bones that protect the heart
ribs emergency medical system
cardiac vessel with oxygen-poor blood
vein arteries of the heart
chestpain taking oxygen into the lungs
pulse carries oxygen and food to the body

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