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Cardiac Function

Patty C.

Experienced Cardiac Nursing Review

apple Reentry phenomena producing sawtooth pattern of P-waves (abbr).
aorta Fast acting vasodilator that decreases preload.
Aflutter Weight gain, peripheral edema, ascites, abdominal pain and anorexia suggest ______ sided heart failure.
increase The aortic valve and pulmonary valve are aslo referred to as.
Purkinje Predictable, exercise induced angina that is relieved by rest.
pericardium Compression of the lumbar nerve roots causing low back and leg pain may be caused by this vascular condition (abr).
right S1 sound heard in auscultation of the heart.
regurgitation Lipoprotein that is the main carrier of cholesterol that is released into the bloodstream and settles in blood vessels.
ST The pump of the circulatory system.
CABG Literal meaning of "angina pectoris."
HDL The expression of the second heart sound heard over the apex.
CRP Most often used vein to reperfuse the heart.
PTCA Body shape more associated with hypertension.
semilunar Period of contraction of the heart.
tamponade A QRS complex that is wider than normal (abbr).
prehypertensive Amount of blood the heart pumps each minute
infarction The circumflex artery is a branch of the ____ coronary artery.
diastole Elevation of this EKG segment contribute to the diagnosis of MI.
heart The P wave is associated with contraction of the _____.
atria Death of tissue or organ due yo ischemia.
systole The constriction or narrowing of a passage.
pulmonary Excessive pericardial fluid compressing the heart.
primary Is the neurotransmitter for sympathetic nerves.
lisinopril A blood pressure 120-139 over 80-89 is considered this.
dupp Familial hypercholesterolemia is an example of ______ form of high cholesterol.
bicuspid Fibers acting as pacemaker in junctional dysrhythmias.
cardiac output One of the main mechanisms by which cardiac ischemia is likely to occur.
aspirin The total volume of blood pumped out with each ventricular contraction is know as
delayed Also known as a balloon angioplasty.
morphine Also known as the mitral valve.
troponin Common beta blocker given post MI to reduce mortality.
Lopressor Lengthening of the PR interval indicates _______conduction through the AV node.
left Sympathetic nerve impulses _______ the heart rate and force of contraction.
BBB Electrical recording of heart activity.
choking The main trunk of the arterial system of the body.
Prinzmetal's Acronym for coronary artery bypass graft.
pheochromocytoma The force that the contracting heart must generate to eject blood from the filled heart.
LDL A chemical that regulates calcium in muscles, it is ideal for diagnosis of an MI 3 days after onset.
stable Characterized by chest pain, fever, and audible friction rub.
EKG Occurs when atrial cells cannot repolarize in time for the next stimulus and has no discernible P-wave (abbr).
secondary Inadequate blood flow.
preload Loose fitting fibrous sac covering the heart.
saphenous A tumor, usually located in the adrenal medulla, containing sympathetic nerve cells, causing hypertension.
lubb Angina that typically occurs at rest.
mitral A marker that indicates inflammation and becomes elevated before other markers.
stenosis Calcium channel blocker used for chronic stable angina (generic name).
SSS The frequency with which blood is ejected from the heart, normal is 60 to 100
diltiazem This valve is best heard behind the third intercostal space about 1 inch to the left of the sternum.
valves Time during blood enters the relaxed chambers of the heart.
heart rate Bradycardia-tachycardia syndrome (abbr.)
AAA Example of an ace inhibitor used for hypertension.
stroke volume Atherosclerotic lesions occur most oftenin the area of coronary arteries.
clot Vasodilator that decreases preload and afterload as well as controls pain.
Afib The right ventricle pumps blood into the ______ artery.
proximal Renal vascular disease is the most common cause of ________ hypertension.
ischemia Inhibits platelet aggregation by inhibiting synthesis of prostaglandin.
pericarditis An alternative term for valve incompetence, specifically valve closing.
afterload Good cholesterol because they transport cholesterol back to the liver for excretion.
nitro The end diastolic stretch of a heart muscle, loading condition of the heart at the end of diastole.
norepinephrine Main function is to direct flow through the heart.

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