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Doris V. Bennett

Basic cardiac rhythms - treatments and resources

v fib electrical treatment of STABLE VT, a fib rvr (rapid ventricular response), light sedation required
electrolytes Where you document a resucitation, which once signed constitues physician orders.
complete heart block _ to 8 breaths per minute recommended per AHA in resucitation effort
Summary Sheet Changing (spindling) QRS wave form like VT
mobitz can be culprit of ugly rhythms - monitor and replace to correct, done with labs
defibrilation medication used for rate control, atrial or ventricular, first line
BLS p wave normal, PR - no consistent relation to QRS, more P's than QRS's
six Consider pacemaker!
magnesium electrical stiumui arising from bundle of His, ventricular rate > 100
junctional tachacardia Degree, delay in conduction from below the AV node, has 2 types
code blue advanced level of care, a certification required for all RNs here at Clarian
Second one of the blocks, can be a I or II
cardioversion a rhythm on the monitor, but without conduction
a flutter abbreviated term for electrical device, can be permanent or temporary
Wenckebach node responsible for stimuli resulting in atrial depolarization (addrv)
airway abbreviation for FIRST treatment, available to the public for use. Listen to and follow prompts, constitutes an order.
atropine what is done for pulseless VT/VF
AED basic initial treatment for pulseless victim (abbrv)
ePartners medication used for a slow atrial rhythm
a fib slow....normal in athletes and during sleep, atrial rate < 60
resQpod basic care, all staff are required to have, (abbrv)
torsades de pointes assess this by checking for pulse, mental status, and urine output
Rapid Response Team rapid rate prohibits cardiac filling or coronary artery perfusion. Single ventricular ectopic focus at fast rate, with smooth wave
SA treatment - chest compressions, epinephrine, atropine,
perfusion ventricular chaos, no contraction, no cardiac output, no bp
ACLS A resource available from off site, all ICU nurses, can call help, look up info etc.
bradycardia call 222 to activate, get a second opinion, helps prevent need to call 299
pacer need established for adequate ventilation
AV Dissociation saw tooth pattern on monitor
ventricular tachycardia hallmark is
CPR abbreviated name for our favorite resource for respiratory concerns
pulseless electrical activity Not a respiratory device, a circulatory thing, improves cardiac perfusion
asystole a type II block with delaly in conduction from atria to ventricle, a progressive prolongation of the PRI, until AV does not conduct, repatitive
amiodarone used to treat the
RT dial 299 for_________ ________

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