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The Cardiovascular System, Cpt 12


medical terminology

myocaridal ischemia pertaining to between the atria
interatrial removal of the inner lining of the arterial wall
angiospasm process of recording arteries
phlebothrombosis sudden, involuntary contraction of blood vessels
electrocardiogram disturbance in the flow of blood to one or more parts of the brain
cerebrovascular accident accumulation of fatty debris on the iner arterial wall. A type of arteriosclerosis
arteriography small vein
atherosclerosis a hold back of blood to the heart muscle
echocardiogram specialist in the study of the heart
pancarditis escape of fluid into the surrounding tissue
venous record of the heart using sound waves
thrombophlebitis dilation of a blood vessel
atheroma inflammation of all the walls of the heart
arterioles pertaining to a vein
angiography surgical repair of a stenosed blood vessel
angioplasty small arteries
endarterectomy hardening of the artery
venule inflammation of a vein with clot formation
arteriosclerosis process of recording a blood vessel
extravasation record of the electrical activity of the heart
angiectasis fatty mass or debris
cardiologist abnormal condition of clots in a vein

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