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Cellular Aberration


No description

Asepsis internal radiation implantation
Chronic study of cancer
Metastasis always present in the country
Thrombocytopenia causes tissue necrosis and damage
Malignant hair loss
Vesicant lacking normal cellular characteristics
Neoplasia malignant transformation
Pandemic muscle wasting
Endemic strength of the microorganism
Stomatitis uncontrolled cell growth that follows no physiologic demand
Alopecia bizarre cell growth
Oncology abnormally low absolute neutrophil count
Toxigenicity body where the microorganism multiply
Virulence dry oral cavity
Metaplasia relief of symptoms associated with cancer
Biopsy time period that is waited until infection is noticed
Anaplasia ability to produce toxin
Brachytherapy killing the microorganism
Epidemic diagnostic test for cancer
Ecologic model inflammation of the oral tissues
Antigenicity infection/causative agents last for more than 6 months
TSA determines the size of the tumor and existence of metastasis
Disinfection graft-versus-host disease
Extravasation conversion of one mature cell to other type
Apoptosis to resist antibody-antigen complexes
Staging increase in the number of tissue cells
Skin protein on the membrane of cancer cells
Neutropenia spread of cancer cells
Convalescent the study of distribution of diseases, both communicable and non-communicable as well as any accident
Incubation decrease circulating platelets
Cachexia remission
Dysplasia having cells that are characteristics of cancer
Sporadic nationwide epidemic
Hyperplasia scattered, or occurring at an irregular intervals or few places
Reservoir maintain sterility and/or cleanliness
Epidemiology shows the relationship bet. the agent, host, and environment
Palliation first line defense mechanism
Carcinogenesis leakage of medication from the veins into the subcutaneous tissue
Xerostemia sharp increase in the number of affected
GVHD programmed cell death

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