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Controlling Your Weight

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binge People with _________ nervosa starve themselves. They eat very little food and often vomit after eating.
exercise ___________ your weight helps you reach the goal of wellness.
vomit An ______ is a chemical with a sour taste.
controlling To _________ is to throw up food from the stomach.
Anorexia It is best to lose weight __________.
diets People with _______ do binge eating.
Acids ___________ people go on diets to gain weight
ideal Some ______ are dangerous. They do not provide all the nutrients people need.
eating Your _________ weight is the weight that is right for someone of your age, height, and bone size.
slowly People with _______ disorders are afraid of gaining weight.
underweight Eating a huge amout of food at one tine is called ________ eating.
overweight Most people go on a diet because they are ___________.
diseases Your body uses more calories when you _______.
bulimia Being overweight can cause heart disease and other _________.

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