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chestpain When the heart stops pumping.
lift Check __________- tap and shout.
recovery Put this above the navel to perform the heimlich maneuver.
look Automated external defibrillator
thirty First step of a-b-c initial care.
pulmonary Possible indication of stroke is facial _____.
responsiveness Put near the victim's mouth to check for breathing.
ear Head tilt, chin ____.
inches Body position for unresponsive, breathing victim.
fist Adult compression depth is 1 1/2 -2 ______.
cardiacarrest Most common sign of a heart attack.
cpr Hands here indicate choking.
airway ____ , listen, feel for breathing.
aed ______ compressions: two breaths
throat Cardio pulmonary resuscitation.
droop Refers to the lungs.

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