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Chronic and Degenerative Diseases

Nicole McIntyre

No description

cure Which disease affects 8-16% of Australians?
swimming People with Alzheimer's disease suffer loss of...
women This is vital for people with Alzheimer's
diabetes A symptom of Multiple Sclerosis is muscle...
pancreas Insulin regulates _____ ______ levels
blood glucose People with Alzheimer's often experience p____ change
osteoporosis Insulin is made by the...
calcium A modifiable risk factor for osteoporosis is lack of ______ intake
pollution Which disease affects 11% of Australians?
brain The amount of Australians with diabetes is...
degenerative A sport that is beneficail for asthma sufferers is...
memory 1 in 3 _____ over the age of 50 have osteoporosis
support This disease leaves bones porous and weak
slowly Multiple Sclerosis usually progresses...
weakness People with Multiple Sclerosis may experience loss of _____
coordination Alzheimer's is caused by damage to the...
Multiple sclerosis Alzheimer's is an example of a ____ disease
asthma An inflammatory disease of the central nervous system
personality At present there is no ____ for MS
increasing Exposure to p_____ can worsen symptoms for asthma sufferers

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