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The Developing Baby


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fetal position Tissue that is rich in blood vessels and is attached to the wall of the uterus.
conception What is it called when a sperm penetrates an ovum?
fallopoiantube The most common length of pregnancy.
three Female reproductive cell.
fallopiantube This happens during the germinal stage.
hiccup The months the mother first begins to feel the fetus move.
cesareansection At what month are all the fetus's organs present?
ovum Transmits oxygen and nourishment to the baby and takes carbon dioxide and other waste products away from the baby.
eight I can do this during the fetal stage.
cough At what month does the fetus begin breathing movements?
celldivision This is where the sperm fertilizes the ovum.
embryonic Male reproductive cell.
uterus The easiest and safest position for the baby to be in for birth.
one How many days during a woman's menstrual cycle can she become pregnant?
forty At what month does the fetus react to loud noises with a reflex jerking action?
sperm Connects the ovaries to the uterus.
zygote Many breech babies are delivered this way.
threetofour The zygote implants here during the germinal stage.
upside down When the baby's weight seems to shift downward.
lightening What month does a fetus's heart begin to beat?
amnioticsac I can do this during the fetal stage.
suckthumb Filled with fluid that forms around the embryo.
umbilical cord The fetus gets in this position in the last few months of pregnancy because of the lack or room in the uterus.
fourthorfifth A fertilized egg.
cry The stage that the heart, lungs, bones, and muscles develop.
six I can do this during the fetal stage.
placenta I can do this during the fetal stage.

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