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Donald Lovern

Things associted with Diabetes

amputation symptom of diabetes, also think of the desert
overweight complication, loss of limb or digit
heartdisease treatment, a method for delivering insulin
glucose symptom, fuzzy eyesight
weight treatment, one way to control diabetes
blurryvision symptom, bruise won't go away quickly
juvenile symptom, sick often
testing years of living
stroke risk factor, last month's topic
injecton world, american, Virginia
insulin regular_____ will lead to a healthier lifestyle
medication children's diabetes
complications doctor will use this to determine if you have diabetes
irritable factor, too many doughnuts get you here
frequent infections gestational diabetes occurs at this time
slowtoheal symptom, tired
thirst losing this will make you lighter
genetic a simple sugar
pregnancy doctor's prescribe this
blindness medical conditions that occur with diabetics
fatigue complication, bad ticker
age your ancestors give you diabetes this way
numbness complication, blood clot in the brain
unusualweightloss substance that controls sugar level
exercise symptom, unexpected reduction in body mass
history symptom, grouchy
diet symptom, tingling, lack of feeling
highbloodpressure complication, loss of eyesight

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