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saturated nerve damage which can cause pain and/or numbness
diabetes cholesterol lowering medication
omega pain or abnormal sensation; complication of diabetes
neuropathy part of a healthy diet, helps lower blood sugar levels
hypertension 30 minutes daily
fiber interrupted blood supply to the brain
obesity at least 5 servings daily recommended
olive disease with abnormally high blood sugar
eyes < 1 daily
exercise type of fatty acid found in salmon and other fish
dairy chronic _______disease
cholesterol no safe level
calories type of healthy oil used in cooking
neuropathy type of fat that raises cholesterol levels
vegetables pumps blood
lifestyle high blood pressure
statin contains good and bad components
heart one a day for prevention
A1C ___________history
kidney 3 month blood sugar average
insulin changes in activity and diet that can help
family need to be checked yearly
aspirin major factor in development of diabetes
stroke burned with exercise
smoking size does matter!
alcohol brings blood sugar down
portions choose low fat version of these foods

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