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The Digestive System

Tara Farmer

No description

villi produces bile
Digestion stores waste to be eliminated
esophagus helps digest fat
liver connects the mouth to the stomach
large intestine stores bile
enzyme makes insulin to digest sugar
small intestine moves food through the digestive tract
peristalsis speeds up chemical reactions in the body
gall bladder most chemical digestion occurs here
Absorption lines the esophagus and stomach
pancreas covers the windpipe when you swallow
mucus line the small intestine to absorb food
saliva The process by which food passes into the bloodstream
bile The process of breaking down food into nutrient molecules
epiglottis most mechanical digestion occurs here
stomach Time information: Wed Mar 23 07:34:08 2005 Start Wed Mar 23 07:34:08 2005 Finish absorbs water from digested food
rectum spit

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