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Chapter 25


Pharmacology Ch. 25

ASA "Blood Thinner"
Diphenhydramine Generic for Claritin
Abscess Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug
Hydrocortisone Pus or liquid filled spaces
steroids Enzyme responsible for producing prostaglandin
Xanthine Blood clot in lungs
Vasodilation Over-The-Counter
Stroke Pain or inflammation that lasts only a few days/weeks
Chronic abbreviation for ASA
Heart Attact Secreted from Endocrine glands
Triamcinolone Acetonide Aminophylline belongs to this class of asthma drugs
breakthrough pain Generic for Kenalog
acetylsalicyclic acid Generic for Theo-Dur
anticoagulant Chemical name for ASA
Edema Drug that reduces fever
Acute Caused by giving ASA to children with flu symptoms
Deltasone Blood clot in brain
antiinflammatory HC
Pulmonary embolism Drug that reduces inflammation
Tylenol Pain that reoccurs before next scheduled drug dose
Atarax Trade for Hydroxyzine Pamoate
OTC Drugs that decrease pain
cyclooxygenase Blood clot in heart
antipyretic Hormone responsible for inflammation, pain, increased temp
Ibuprofen Montelukast belongs to this class of asthma drugs
Piroxicam Generic for Acetaminophen
Asthma Generic for Benadryl
Pericarditis Fat redistribution caused by glucocorticoids
Pneumonia Asthma drug is delivered via this dosage form
Leukotrienes Auxiliary label for most oral inhalers
Moon Face Trade for Celexicob
Loratadine Generic for Advil: Motrin
Reyes Syndrome Generic for Feldene
Prostaglandin Swelling of lining of Heart
NSAID Trade for Prednisone
Shake Well Symptoms include swelling, redness, heat, pain, loss of function
Inflammation Chronic inflammation of airways
analgesic Pain or inflammation that last a long period of time
Inhaler Trade for Hydroxyzine HCl
Vistaril Blood vessels open or dilate
Theophylline Swelling
Celebrex Alveolar spaces swell

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