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Cardiovascular drugs

Fabiola A.

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lisinopril valsartan AKA ____________(trade) block the effect of angiotensin II
K pt should be instructed not to drink ______juice if they are taking a calcium channel blocker
norvasc trade name for disopyramide
losartan streptokinase is a ___________ agent
protamine sulfate Trade name for atenolol
dipyridamole trade name for amiodipine
aggregation bad cholesterol is known as ( abbreviation)
pril most commonly used cardiac glycosides (trade)
statins the process of establishing the correct therapeutic dose of digitalis
Inderal generic name for lipitor
Tenormin the antidote for heparin is
bronchospasm trade name for diltiazem
calan suffix of ACE inhibitors
lanoxin fancy word for clumping
mevacor this drug is an antiarrythmic and vasodilator(generic)
atorvastatin most common lab test for monitoring heparin therapy is ( abbreviation)
grapefruit most serious complication of thrombolytic therapy
thrombolytic cardiac glycosides are primarily used in the tx of (abbreviation)
LDL low molecular weight heparins ( generic)
Diovan suffix of calcium channel blocker
bleeding trade name for lovastatins
ezetimibe drug of choice for HTN in pregnant woman (trade)
aPTT before administering digitalis it is important to check blank pulse
amiodarone suffix of betablokers
vasotec first ACE inhibitor on the market
norpace trade name for Verapamil
cardizem generic name for zestril
bradycardia trade name for nifedipine
capoten trade name for enalapril
olol generic name for coozar
Aldomet ________(generic) inhibits intestinal absorption of both dietary cholesterol by blocking its transport to the sm intetines
Vasoconstrictors clopidogrel is AKA
pine atenolol need to be used with caution in pt with lung conditions because it causes
procardia ___________ constrict blood vessels, resulting in increased systolic and diastolic B/P
plavix what is the trade name for propranolol
digitalization generic name for persantine
Apical antilipemic agents suffix
CHF the antidote for serious bleeding complications during coumarin therapy is vitamin
enoxaparin statins inhibit the enzyme for___________synthesis
cholesterol list one s/e of antiarrhythmias
INR most commonly used lab method for monitoring coumadin therapy is ( abbreviation)

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