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Drugs: Pharmacology and Neurophysiology

Robert R. Pinger

This crossword puzzle emphasizes terms important for understanding drug absorption, distribution, action, and elimination. It also includes terms relating to the human nervous system.

lipidsolubility chemical messenger that produces postsynaptic impulse
axon blood proteins that bind drugs (two words)
thalamus entry of a drug through the mouth into digestive tract
hypothalamus primary organ for detoxification of drugs
medulla part of the brainstem associated with basic physiological functions
glutamic an inhibitory neurotransmitter (abbrv.)
biotransformation made up of medulla, pons, and midbrain
kidney when abstinence results in clinical illness (two words)
ingestion _______nervous system, responsible for breathing, etc.
neuron the part of the brain closest to the pituitary gland
physicaldependence capacity to dissolve in oils or fats
neurotransmitter nerve cell component that conducts electrical impulses
liver drug deposition in tissue
voluntary physiological
chroniceffects nerve cell component that conducts impulse to cell body
cns part of the diencephalon, associated with cortical sensory function
limbicsystem the brain and spinal cord (abbrv.)
cerebrum ________nervous system, willful action
acute use of a needle to administer a drug
synapse microscopic space between adjacent neurons
GABA a single nerve cell
absorption a part of the midbrain, means bridge
dendrite _______ acid, a neurotransmitter
injection long term effects (two words)
brainstem immediate, short term
excretion upper brain, higher intellectual functions
pons part of brain associated with physical coordination
plasmaproteins the part of the central nervous system outside the skull
inhalation removal of drug metabolites and other waste products
tolerance primary organ of excretion
strorage part of the brain that helps regulate emotion, memory
autonomic administration through the lungs
spinal cord chemical alteration of drugs into various metabolites
cerebellum substance, aside from food, that alters body functions
drug administration of a drug through skin or mucous linings

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