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The Endocrine System, Cpt 11


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androgens stimulates uterine contractions during labor
adrenals regulates calcium and potassium levels
Thyroid the energy used by the cells to perform normal body functions
pth sex hormones
Horomones stimulates growth in all body cells
somatotropic hormone central endocrine glands
adrenaline peripheral endocrine glands
oxytocin peripheral endocrine glands
adh The ability of the body tonormalize itself
pineal central endocrine glands
pituitary flight or fight hormone
parathyroids sex hormones
estrogen peripheral endocrine glands
Homeostasis the adrenal cortex secretes
androgen the adrenal cortex secretes
aldosterone prevents excessive loss of water
cortisol stimulates breast development
hypothalamus the adrenal cortex secretes
iodine necessary for T3 and T4 production
prolactin are chemical messengers
infundibulum appraisal peripheral endocrine glands

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