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Epilepsy And Seizure Disorders


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SIMPLE PARTIAL surgery used to remove part or all of one of the lobes to remove the origin of seizures
HEMISPHERECTOMY (abbreviation) for positron emission tomography
EEG a device used like a pacemaker for the brain to help control seizures (abbreviation)
PET SCAN a seizure that only effects only one area of the brain without loss of consciousness
MRI (abbreviation) for single photo emission computed tomography
BIOFEEDBACK seizures caused by flashing lights
MYOCLONIC temporal lobe epilepsy produces these kind of seizures
ANTI EPILEPTIC DRUGS a severe seizure disorder affecting a child under age two and often associated with developmental delay
SPECT SCAN another name for atonic seizures
PETIT MAL name of an animal used to aid someone with epilepsy
EPILEPSY a condition where two seizures have taken place that are not a result of any other medical findings
COMPLEX PARTIAL stress related seizures or/and fake seizures
SEIZURE a machine used to trace brain waves (abbreviation)
KETOGENIC DIET diet used to control seizures in children
LOBECTOMY another name for generalized tonic clonic seizures
CATAMENIAL EPILEPSY another name for absence seizures
STATUS EPILEPTICUS a sectional view of the body constructed by computer tomography (abbreviation)
DROP ATTACKS muscle jerks
CAT SCAN a procedure in which magnetic resonance imaging is used
PSEUDO SEIZURES drugs taken for epilepsy are called?
VNS a protein hormone of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland that stimulates the adrenal cortex (abbreviation)
SEIZURE ALERT AND ASSISTANCE DOGS a short circuit in the brain
ACTH brain surgery removing one hemisphere of the brain
LENNOX GASTAUT SYNDROME nonstop seizure or seizures
PHOTOSENSITIVE epilepsy that effects women during menstruation
INFANTILE SPASMS the technique of making unconscious or voluntary bodily processes (as heart beat or brain waves) perceptible to the senses (as by the use of an oscilloscope) in order to manipulate them by conscious mental control
GRAND MAL an epileptic syndrome of young children that is marked by tonic,atonic,and myoclonic seizures and by atypical absence seizures that is associated with mental retardation

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