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Fire Safety in the OR

Pat Ewald

Test questions for preventing fires in the OR

minimize the balloon in a laser tube has saline activated ___
anesthesiologist check ___ pads before applying to patient
pulseoximeter Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
carbondioxide the condition of sponges when using a laser
dry National Patient Safety Goals
proof do this before using electrical equipment
methane responsible for ignition and heat sources
manage the most common location for an OR fire is the
drape do not place this on top of an electrosurgical generator
NPSG be deprived of air
prevent ___ cautry causes little sparking or arcing
laser place the bovie in a ___ when not in use
control ignitable gas from the GI tract
smother anything that can burn
insulation the third component of RACE
lanugo fuel, heat and oxygen are three elements of the fire _____
fumes alcohol evaporates and creates ______ that can ignite
nurse put out the fire
evacuate readily capable of catching fire
dissipate Surgical fires are _____
preventable responsible for fuels
moist a small piece of glowing or smoldering material from a dying fire
esu heat should ___ from a cautry tip
melt avert
surgeon a device or item that is capable of generating sparks or heat
leakage go up in flames
dye device for putting out fire
airway responsible for oxygen and nitrous oxide
ignite hot glowing body of burning gas
ignitionsource liquid found in many suture packs
flame sterile cover
examine make everyone leave
remove _____ fuels
off electrosurgical unit
extinguish CO2
contain "fire retardant" does not mean "fire ____"
bovie ___ based lubricants will not burn
holster turn oxygen ___ when not in use
blot do this for pooling of alcohol
hot put out
extinguish remove the patient from danger
liquids measures oxygen saturation
alcohol change from solid to liquid state
bipolar _____ oxygen concentration
degree mode for lasers not in use
oxygen warning of danger
oea oxygen enriched atmosphere
water wait for this when prepping
rescue distal end of fiber-optic cord
flammable ____ burning materials from the patient
triangle fire protection
ember soft downey hairs
atmosphere Properly inflated ET tubes prevent ____ of gas
extinguisher unit of measurement for temperature
fuel air
standby element essential for breathing
alert _____ heat sources
convection circulatory movement of gas

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