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forensic science

Sue scrymgour

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ballistics the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to the legal system.
evidence the identification of fired ammunition components
criminology used to determine the cause of death
trace evidence he proper handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence
pathology dead body
caliber material found at a crime scene or accident scene in small but measurable amounts.
chromatography bullet identification
blood splatter patterns of this are an important source of forensic evidence
corpse not pure
luminol young insects
lie detector explores how insects are involved in human decomposition
geology Determination of the type and characteristics of blood, blood testing, bloodstain examination
forensics the examination of skeletal remains
serology branch of forensic medicine that deals with the cause of death
crime scene unique pattern left by the fingers
odontology the study of weather patterns
autopsy the study of legal processes and crime.
forensic anthropology used by forensic investigators to detect trace amounts of blood left at crime scenes.
fingerprint used to detect untruths
larvae the study of rocks and fossils
meteorology a separation technique to analyse ink
contaminated where the crime was committed
entomology found on the body and used to deduce the cause, time and manner of death

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