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Types of Fractures

Michael Faraci, RN

This puzzle will help students review the various kinds of fractures previously learned in part A of ADN 11B.

greenstick Break is straight across the bone.
compression Break occurs only through portion or cross section of bone.
incomplete Bone fragment is driven into another bone fragment.
transverse Compound/complex. Fracture goes through the mucous membrane or skin.
depressed Break is across the entire cross section of bone.
open Bone splintered into several fragments.
Avulsion Fragment of the bone pulled away from the ligament or tendon.
spiral Occurs through an area of diseased bone.
comminuted Fracture through the epiphysis of the bone.
complete Frequent with facial bones.
oblique Simple, no break in skin.
Epiphyseal Twisting around the shaft of the bone.
closed Break occurs at an angle across the bone.
pathologic One side of the bone is broken and the other side is bent.
impacted Bone has been compressed. Frequent in the spine.

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