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HOSA Trivia

Your Conscious

Trivia about HOSA, can you complete the puzzle?

Medical White Only artery to carry deoxyginated blood
Hyppocrates 2010 National Leadership Competition
Toby Blanchard What infection can you contract when a food worker does not wash hands
Chairman HOSA Inc. Chair
Hospital Term for Diseases and Disoreders
Kristen Davidson Scietific name for blood sugar
Carbon Dioxide What material is used to make Dental Impressions
CPR "Where Dreams are Made, and _________ Begin"
Alginate Sleep siezures
Resume Biotechs Med Lab use this to view extremely small particles
Renee Harris light amplification by stimulated emmision by radiation
Serotonin Pumping Chambers of the heart
Jim Koeninger 2006 NLC held here
Barbra James To chew
LASER Mood Molecule
Masticate Blood Services, sponsor Community Awarness Competition
Eleven Montana State Advisor
Hepititas A Medical Term for giving a shot
Frontal Father of Medicine
Allyn Rodgers Unable to sleep at night
Daniel Abbott Father of Digestion
Oklahoma City fear of
Erythrocyte The word that Physical Therapists use for walking
Glucose Its time to________, Autism Speaks
Orlando, Florida scientific name for RBC
Montana Scientific name for a cat
GAIT State joining UTAH for state competition
William Beaumont Body System that produces Hormones
Endocrind Full name for DNA
Listen the book...Another day in they __________ lobe
Futures National President from Boutiful High School
Narcolepsy Medical Term for Cows
Pulminary Walker Texas Ranger
Six First HOSA NLC held here
Ventricles The Medical Field in a Building
Pathophysiology Curfew
Felis Domesticus Executive Director of HOSA
DeoxyriboNucleicAcid President of UTAH HOSA 2009
Arup A personal list of Accomplishments
Chuck Norris The first Utah State Advisor
Anaheim The Number of countries that texas has been owned by
Humankind Color Stands for Purity, HOSA Color
Insomnia Who conducts the Parilmentary Procedure Meeting
Phlebotomy The little man within the hands on the HOSA Crest stand for
Bovine "Making______ with good times."
Injection Gas responsible for global warming
Links name of service award recognition event
Microscope 30 Compressions to 2 Breathes
phobia Study of Blood

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