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Health and Safety

Lloyd Harding

No description

Fuse A good conductor
Statutory Safety wear
PPE Industrial power supply 5,5
Volt An RCD would detect _____ leakage
threephase Hazard x Likelihood 7,4
earth Electrical Pressure
mandatory Type of insulation
isolate Not a conductor
Copper A Protective device
Amp Making the Workplace Safe and Without Risk to Health 4 ,10
goggles Goggles, Hardhat , Gloves Etc
coshh Missing phrase2 - 7
Absolute Sign with a red circle with a cross bar running through it
nsulation To turn off
prohibition Type of statutory requirement
PVC Measure of current
riddor Sign indicating that a specific course of action is required
overallrisk The body you must report injuries, diseases etc to
riskassessment A regulation enforcable by law
Ringmain Harmfull substance controlling body

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