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The Heart

BIO 106

Laboratory Study Aid

ligamentumarteriosum blood vessel; accepts blood from left ventricle
tricuspid valve at entrance to pulmonary trunk
rightatrium number of cusps in mitral valve
inferiorvenacava also called septomarginal band
leftventricle number of cusps in each semilunar valve
two heart chamber; pumps blood to lungs
chordaetendineae first blood vessels to branch off aorta
trabeculaecarneae flaps that look like dog ears on surface of heart
auricles heart chamber; receives blood from body
rightventricle name of right atrioventricular valve
pulmonaryarteries left atrial ventricular valve; so named because of the number of its cusps
moderatorband blood vessels; return blood to left atrium
pulmonaryveins pulmonary trunk bifurcates into these
pulmonarysemilunar tic shaped muscles in ventricles
coronaryarteries pitted
leftatrium heart chamber with thickest walls
base heart chamber; receives blood from lungs
bicuspid inferior tip of heart; points toward left hip
coronarysinus fetal structure; allows blood to by-pass lungs
superiorvenacava left atrial ventricular valve; so named because it resembles the hat of a church bishop
pulmonarytrunk blood vessel; receives blood from right ventricle
aorticsemilunar flat top of heart; points toward right shoulder
papillarymuscles valve through which blood leaving the left ventricle passes
aorta vein; returns blood from legs
apex vein; returns blood from head
ductusarteriosus vein that returns blood from heart wall to right atrium
mitral remnant of ductus arteriosus
three comb-like muscle in right atrium
pectinate heart strings

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