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Parts Of The Heart

Tina Laukant

Parts of the heart and their functions.

Systole Oxygen enters the capillaries of the lungs and is brought back to the heart via these
Right Atrium Abnormal heart sound
Electrocardiogram Contraction phase of heartbeat
Murmur Seperates the two upper chambers of the heart
Mitral Valve The left ventricle propels the blood through this
Inferior Ven Cava Right ventricle contracts to pump oxygen-poor bkiid through this
Superior Vena Cava Right atrium contracts to force blood through this
Pulmonary Veins Record used to detect electrical changes in heart muscle as the heart beats
Diastole Surrounds the heart
Interatrial Septum Pacemaker of heart
Tricuspid Valve Also known as bundle of His
Pulmonary Artery lower right chamber of the heart
Aortic Valve The walls of the left atrium contract to force blood through this
Myocardium A muscular wall, comes between the two lower chambers
Right Ventricle Drains blood from the upper portion of the body
Atrioventricular Bundle Has the thisckest walls of all four heart chambers
Sinoatrial Node Relaxation phase of heartbeat
Pericardium Middle muscular layer of the heart wall, thickest layer
Left Atrium Newly oxygenated blood enters this to go through the heart
Endocardium Carries blood from the lower part of the body
Aorta Branches to carry blood all over the body
Pulmonary Valve Lines the interior of the heart and heart valves
Interventricular Septum Thin walled upper right chamber of the heart, sends low oxygen blood to lungs
Left Ventricle Blood leaving the pulmonary valve flows into this

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