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myocarditis severe chest pain
Angioplasty branch that shoots an electrical impulse
tricuspid valve an inflammation of the membrane that lines the heart
atrium right heart
pericardium type of node that sends the electrical impluse; pacemaker
oxygenated type of node that carries an electrical impulse
dyspnea Cardiac muscle tissue
deoxygenated takes blood away from left ventricle to the body
palpitations slow heart rate
purkinje fibers located between the left atrium and left ventricle
pericarditis small fibrous strands that connect the tricuspid valve to the papillary muscle
atrioventricular diffcult breathing
septum an inflammation of the outer membrane covering the heart
murmur large veinous blood vessels which bring deoxygenated blood
Aorta caused by defects in the valves of the heart
cardiac stents Thick, muscular wall that seperates blood right and left
endocarditis positioned between the right atrium and right ventricle.
vena cava upper chamber
chordae tendinae an inflammation of the heart muscle
Angina pectoris tiny webbed stainless steel devices
bicuspid valve Double layer of fibrous tissue surrounding the heart
sinoatrial heart feels like it is racing
myocardium divides into a right and left branch/atrioventricular bundle
bundle of His when the ventricles of the heart are unable to contract effectively
bradycardia left heart
heart failure a procedure to help open clogged vessels

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