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Hemodialysis Fundamentals


Concepts for the Dialysis Employee***no spaces required for multi space words***

potassium a sluggish system with dark chambers and a tmp of -169 may indicata a
softener __________ levels in blood and urine may be used to calculate renal function/ clearance
thrill a severe infection of the colon is caused by this bacteria; which manifests in a capsule-like spore, causing severe diarrhea, and often treated with Flagyl
subclavian a hypertonic iv protein often used in management of hypotension
bicarbonate tmp
sodium dialysis becomes recommended a values less than 10-15 mls/min/1.73m2
magnesium BUN
carbontanks hc03-
albumin bed position to aide management of hypotension
transmembranicpressure tunneled catheters (permacaths) are typically placed in the _________ vein with the tip extending into the right atrium
diffusion pallpable pulse felt at the fistula
citricacid ca
semipermeablemembrane a blood pH of less than 7.35 is considered
ultrafiltration transport of molecules from a region of higher concentration to one of lower concentration
metabolicacidosis no dialysate, but fluid removal only is termed ___________ ultrafitration
erythropoetin serum potassium above 5
reverseosmosis portion of water treatment system responsible for removing chlorine/chloramines
pulmonaryedema chemical used to disinfect dialysis machine
creatinine fluid removal during dialysis
zemplar using pressure to force a solution through a membrane, retaining the solute on one side and allowing the pure solvent to pass to the other side
diphenhydramine (trade name) synthetic chemical used in esrd patients
clostridiumdifficile this electolyte is a measure used often to correct torsades de pointes
calcium na
bloodureanitrogen sound that blood makes at the fistula sight
trendelenburg a chemical substance often used in patients with anaphylaxis symptoms
clotteddialyzer blood flows by one side on a _______________, and dialysate or fluid flows by the other side in the opposite direction
aranesp this electrolyte is higher in concentration inside cells and can lead to erroneous high levels when blood is hemolyzed
bruit an audible sign of fluid overload
sepsis (trade name) synthetic chemical used in esrd patients to stimulate erythropoiesis
sequential presence of bacteria in blood characterized by a whole-body inflammatory state
hyperkalemia hormone healthy kidneys produce to sustain rbc's
glomerularfiltrationrate this tank uses salt to remove the calcium found in tap water

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