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High Blood Pressure Control

Susan Fineagan

No description

headaches another name for high blood pressure; HPN
exercise two words describing a coronary episode; a complication of HPN
stroke two words describing members come together for hope, courage and foundation to go on
diuretics regular appointments with the doctor
culture head spins before you faint
hypertension dilation or expansion of the heart vessels when blood fills the cavity
medication under pressure, burden or tension; risk of HPN
stress customary beliefs or pattern of behavior; may effect follow through on treatment
heartattack life long disease associated with blood sugar levels; risk factor for HPN
dizzy contraction of the heart when blood is forced outward
checkups also called a drug; substance of preparation for treatment
silentkiller regime of eating that may help reduce risk of HPN or complications
salt class of medication that increases excretion of urine; treatment for HPN
diastolic very overweight; risk factor for HPN
economic one complication of HPN
systolic common word for sodium
diet persistent symptom of HPN and sign of stroke
obesity constituent of LDL; may or may not occur with HPN
diabetes physical activity that reduces risk of HPN
sedentary these two words describe hypertension; it is called this because you do not know what causes it
supportgroup related to household management and resources; may effect follow through on treatment
cholesterol inactivity; risk of HPN

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