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Charlotte and Sheli

No description

drugtreatment All healthcare workers should use ____precautions
AZT What does the HIV test look for?
resistant Top nursing diagnosis is to reduce_____in patients
persistent Common way to become infected with HIV
nonhodgkin Protype drug for HIV and AIDS drugs
Antiretroviral Appearance of oral______is common
sexualintercourse HIV destroys what type of white blood cell
Immunodeficiency Main type of drugs treatment for HIV
education Without____HIV usually progresses to AIDS
lesions Important to offer what prior to a patient starting medication
prolong Clinical manifectation can be a _______cough
peripheralneuropathy A rapid HIV test take _____ minutes?
fear Type of lymphoma common in HIV patients
Twenty Human _____Virus is the virus causes AIDS
antibodies Most drug become what, and stop working?
universal Side effect of drug treatment
Tcells Goal of antiviral therapy is to_____ life

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