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introduction to the human body

Ms. Kale

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nervous system enables the body to move, moves food through the digestive system and keeps the heart beating
excretory system makes parts of the body move by contracting and relaxing
organ systems detects and interprests information from the environment outside the body and from within the body
connective tissue A group of similair cells that perform the same function
organs covers the surface of your body both inside and outside
epithial tissue The basic unit of structure and function in aliving thing
cell protects teh body, keeps water inside the body, and helps regulate body temparture
nerve tissue A structure that is composed of different kinds of tissue.
nucleus Takes food into the body, breaks food down, and absorbs the digested materials
circulatory system Forms the outside boundary of the cell
homeostasis process by which the bodies internal environments is kept stable.
reproductive system carries messages back and forth between the brain and every other part of the body.
cell membrane the area between the cell membrane and the nucleus. it is a clear jelly like substance.
muscle tissue fights disease
immune system supports and protects the body
cytoplasm controls many body processes by means of chemicals
respiratory system takes oxygen into the body and eliminated carbon dioxide
endocrine system provides support for your body and connects all its parts
skin carries materials to the body cels; carries waste away from body cells, helps fight disease
skeletal system produces sex cells that unite to create offspring
tissues removes waste
digestive system it is located inside the cell and it is the control center that directs the cell's activities.
muscular system A group of organs that work together to perform a major function.

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