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ICD 9 Coding Crossword

Barb Rogers RN

Terms used in ICD 9 coding classes.

nos instructions included in coding guidelines
adverseeffect stage of kidhey disease that requires dialysis
third degree signs and symptoms of illness, disease or injury
modifiers coded only when diagnosis is not made
late effect single code used to classify two diagnoses
unspecified note under a code to indicate that the terms excluded from the code are to be coded elsewhere
combination indicates presence of severe sepsis and requires additioinal code even if not documented in the record
excludes note to further define or give examples of content of the category
closed returning after a remission, relapse
poisoningcode coded first when multiple burns of different degrees are present
symptoms in parentheses -supplementary words that may be present or absent in a statement without affecting the code
manifestation residual effect after the acute phase of an illness
includes instruction when underlying condition is sequenced first
nec if not documented as open, fractures are coded as closed
secondary classification of factors influencing health, reason for an encounter
acute not otherwise specified
chronic coding should be to the hghest level of this
statuspost code used when info in the record is not sufficient to assign a more specific code
esrd first place to start when coding
alphabeticindex type of code that is at the highest level of specificity
vcode drug correctly prescribed and properly administered may produce this
subclassification to determine the cause and nature of the condition
recurrent included in the alphabetic index for coding neoplasm sites
aftercare cover situations when initial treatment has been performed and patient requires continued care
diagnosis not elsewhere classifiable
neoplasmtable used to indicate cancer metastasis site
specificity slow to change or progress, coded second when acute is also listed
sequencing sequenced first followed by manifestation code
septicshock rapid onset, severe
codefirst codes to indicate that something has already happened

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