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Cells of the Immune System

Justin Josell

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Basophils Binds the Fc portion of antibody molecules, chiefly IgG
Macrophages Common name for neutrophil polymorphonuclear leucocytes
Lymphocytes Within certain organs they have special names (in liver they are known as Kupfer cells, in brain as microglia, in kidney as mesangial cells, and in bone as osteoclasts)
Bcells These types of lymphocytes undergo a process of maturation in the thymus gland and responds to antigens
Monocytes Oftentimes monocytes are referred to as tissue _________
Chemotaxis The coating of the organisms by molecules that speed up phagocytosis
Eosinophils They attach via C3b receptors and also release various substances from their eosinophilic granules. These contents are capable of damaging the parasite membrane
TCells Major Basic Protein (abbr.)
BoneMarrow System that responds to attacks from outside the body
Neutrophils There are two broad sub-groups of this type of cell, TCells and BCells
Opsonization This is the movement of cells up a gradient of chemotactic factors
Red These types of lymphocytes give rise to plasma cells which secrete immunoglobulins (antibodies)
MBP ___ blood cells help carry oxygen in the bloodstream
FcReceptor Lymphocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells are derived from here
Immune Process that involves ingestion and digestion of the following: microorganisms, insoluble particles, damaged or dead host cells, cell debris, and activated clotting factors
Phagocytosis Non-phagocytic cells which, when activated, release numerous compounds from the basophilic granules within their cytoplasm. They play a major role in allergic responses

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