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by GROUP 6

No description

brain Paralysis
anticonvulsant Excision of part of the skull to approach the brain
cerebrum Fainting
EEG paralysis on one side of the body
encephalitis agent that relieves pain
spinal cord Damage to brain caused by cerebrovascular disease
meningitis Condition of difficult articulation
PSG X-ray imaging
paraplegia Inflammation of the spinal cord
craniectomy Responsible for nerve conduction to and from the brain and the body
myelitis Inflammation of the brain
plegia Brain and spinal cord
dysarthria Incision into the skull to approach the brain
hyponotic Portion of the CNS contained within the cranium
syncope Record of the minute electrical impulses of the brain
hemiplegia Agents that prevents or lessens convulsion
anticoagulant Recording of various aspects of sleep
radiography Agent that induces sleep
sedative Drug that prevents clotting of the blood
neuroplasty Agent that has a calming affect
stroke Inflammation of the meninges
CNS paralysis from the waist down
neuralgia Surgical repair of a nerve
analgesic pain along the course of a nerve
craniotomy Largest part of the brain

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