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Medical Terminology Combining Words


Combining Words with <o> included. These are not complete words. They are the root plus the <o> vowel.

ventro belly
infero bone
dorso small intestines
chemo front
chondro skull
osteo abdomen
uro gland
caudo near to
disto epithelium
pulmono skin
cardio organ
laryngo chemical
epithelio urine
dermato kidney
antero cartilage
abdomino head
immuno system
cephalo heart
nephro stomach
ophthalmo chest
ciso lung
histo side
carcino pelvis
neuro water
viscero above
adeno disease
cranio immune
pelvo nerve
gyneco to cut
musculo tissue
thoraco cell
supero fat
proximo ear
entero body
hemato away from
gastro blood
latero internal organ
postero female
medio cancer
patho voice box
hydro muscle
organo below
oto tail
spino middle
adipo eye
morpho back
cyto spine
systemo shape
somato back of body

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