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Medical Terminology Prefixes

Bess Tsaouse

Common Prefixes used in medical terminology. The dash that is usually found in the textbook does not appear in the prefix for this puzzle.

inter without
infra under, below
ante rapid, fast
an self
hemi without, away, from
tachy above, excess
mono below, under
endo above
micro within, inner
brady water
pan four
tri small
eu slow
hydro normal, good
peri new
supra three
dys through
anti different
para beside, beyond, near
hypo large
homo same
auto over, above
hetero many
super all
post within, inside
neo half, partial
a after
epi before, in front of
bi around
multi backward
pseudo against
sub under, beneath, below
per half
nulli painful, difficult
hyper two
macro among, between
trans beyond, excess
quad false
pre none
intra through, across
retro upon, over
ultra one
semi before, in front of

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