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Medical Terminology

Melissa Schafer

Missy Schafer

Vertigo The study of structure and functional changes caused by disease
Transverse The study of how genes are transferred from parents to children
Bile Smallest formed elements in the blood
Mitral Also refrerred as bad breath
Atrophy Means crosswise
Retinitis Means straight
Adenectomy The shaft of a long bone
Halitosis The study of the causes of diseases
Genetics Inflammation of the urethra
Pathology Inflammation of the retina
Cystitis Weakness or wearing away of body tissues and structures
Rectus Also known as the voice box
Diaphysis Surgical suturing of the end of a tendon to bone
Micturate The surgical removal of a gland
Thrombocytes Also known as the "white of the eye"
Traction The gallbladder stores this
Hypothalamus Pulling force exerted on a limb
Hepatomegaly Hardnening and narrowing of the arteries cause by buildup of plaque
Hemiparesis A sense of whirling, dizziness and loss of balance
Atherosclerosis Inflammation of the kidney
Etiology Slight paralysis of one side of the body
Nephritis Inflammation of the bladder
Larynx The abnormal enlargement of the liver
Tenodesis Also known as urination or voiding
Urethritis Also known as the tricuspid valve
Neuralagia Controls seven vital body functions
Sclera Means nerve pain

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