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Medical Terminology

Timothy B.

Solve the Cross-Word puzzle.

Hypo Development
Desis Heart
Nephr/o Below, Under
Dynia Suture
Rrhaph pain
Scopy Record writing
Col/o Hardening
Cyst/o Fixation
Plasty Poisoning
A Stomach
Brady Abnormal Condition
Lith Blood Condition
Gram Esophagus
Intra pain
otomy Chrusing
Tachy Forming a opening
Ectomy Colon
Ostomy New
Hyper Above normal, Excessive
Algia Surgical
Oste/o Bone
Osis Bladder
Inter Destruction
Pexy Inflamation
Emia Binding, Fixation
Gastr/o Cell
Neur/o Nerves
Tripsy Surgical Repair
Neo Without
Cardi/o Kidney
Toxic Instrument used to Visually Examine
Mamm/o Narrowing
Scope Excision removal
Centesis Between
Stenosis To visually examine
Lysis Within, in
Cyst/o Rapid
Trophy Stone
Itis Brest
Sclerosis Surgical incision
Esophag/o Slow

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