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Medical Treatment words

Wendy Schoeder

The answers are easy to find, if you do your homework.

benign blue appearance of skin
sarcoma describing giving drug through vein
parkinsons disease describing a condition toward death
leukemia decreased mental function,incapable of response
prosthesis a cyst beneath the skin
melanoma mass or swelling
onocologist estimated outcome of a disease
toxicity not malignant
relapse all cancers by definition
terminal disease of brain causing tremors
bone marrow artificial replacment structure
subcutaneous a cancer of fat
prognosis internist in cancer therapy
immunotherapy removal of tissue for diagnosis
intravenous cancer therapy
cyanotic reducing pain drug
coma cancer of the blood cells
tumor soft substance within bone
DNA pigment cell cancer
biopsy deoxyribonucleic acid (abbr.)
malignant producing dangerous side effects
analgesic reappearance of cance

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