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Marion L. Poole

Introduction to Medical Terminology

cpk Suffix for enlarged
rt Disease condition of the skin
cbc Adjectival form of the word for heart
duodenotomy Inflammation of the skin
cytology Noun for the first part of the small intestine
rbc Blueness of the skin
ostomy Paralysis of the extremities
ra Adjective for condition of blueness
xr Echocardiogram (abbr.)
xanthosis Increase in WBC
ldh Condition of yellow skin (jaundice)
radiographer Cardiac care unit (coronary care unit) (abbr.)
cardiac Suffix meaning instrument used to cut
cyanotic X-ray picture made through slices of the body
dms Word root for stomach
acromegaly Creatine phosphokinase (cardiac enzyme) (abbr.)
duodenum Verb for removed
acroparalysis Decrease in the number of platelets
melanoblast Adjective for heart
tome Compound word
echography American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (abbr.)
rt Acute cardiovascular disease (abbr.)
dermatitis Erythro means ___
gastr Computed tomography (scan) (abbr.)
arrt Embryonic dark pigmented cell
echocardiogram The process of obtaining an image from reflected sound
megalomania Complete blood count (abbr.)
all Overenlarged opinion of self
erythrocyte Radium (abbr.)
tomy Cardiac enlargement (abbr.)
mri Gastrointestinal (abbr.)
leukocytosis Magnetic resonance imaging (abbr.)
electrocardiograph One who takes x-rays
dermopathy American Society of Radiologic Technologists (abbr.)
radi Word root for x-ray
thrombocytopenia Incision into the first part of the small intestine
acvd Red blood cell
tomogram The picture (record) of sound reflected through the heart
ce Enlargement of the stomach
megaly Electrocardiogram (abbr.)
asrt Lactic dehydrogenase (cardiac enzyme) (abbr.)
wbc Diagnostic medical sonography (abbr.)
cyanoderm Instrument used to make a recording of heart activity
gastromegaly Combining form for extremities
acro Acute lymphocytic leukemia (abbr.)
microscope Suffix for making a new opening
cardiac Emergency room (abbr.)
echo Radiation therapy (abbr.)
ccu Gastric analysis (abbr.)
ga Suffix for incision
red Red blood cell (count) (abbr.)
ct Registered radiologic technologist (abbr.)
excised The study of cells
er White blood cell (count) (abbr.)
ekg X-ray (abbr.)
gi Enlarged extremities

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